Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you...this is me

I was given an award yesterday by a very special woman, sweet Jessica from 24 corners.  It made my day,  actually it made my month...OK, OK, it's made my 2011!  Thank you so much Jessica.  I love your blog and your creative spirit.

I'm supposed share 7 things about myself, so here goes....

1.  A week after my husband and I got engaged, I was hit (literally) by a metro bus while crossing 3rd and Pike in Downtown Seattle.   Long story short, I ended up with a huge scar.

***These days, I love joking with the kids in the neighborhood or at the pool by saying that I was "munched" by a great white shark when I was surfing.  You should see their faces.  Priceless....

2.  My favorite "date night" place is Boat Street Cafe

3.  I did radio commercials for the same company from age 7 to 25.
They weren't as bad as the Abby Carpet ones but they come pretty close.  

4.  I worked at a drive through coffee shop in high school.  One day Tom Hanks pulled up (while filming Sleepless in Seattle) I served him and iced mocha!

5.  I dream of becoming a "paid" photographer, owning my own store one day and selling cool old furniture, linens and vintage treasures.

6.  By the time I was 21 I traveled around the world (Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Greece, Italy) but haven't lived anywhere but Washington state.

7. In another life I'd love to be a surfer girl with a house on the beach, somewhere where I could ditch the wet suite.

Thanks again Jessica!

I heart my 27 followers, thank's for coming along on the ride!



  1. Hi Megan,
    congratulations to your blog award!:)
    You deserve it, because your photos are always excellent and *wellness for the eyes*!
    So nice to read something about you that happened in the past and I really can imagine you as a professional photographer in your own wonderful shop. I like the idea of this combination....and of course, shops like that! :)
    Have a wonderful day, today! Beate XXX

  2. I love the Tom Hanks story. I happen to like him alot, and would probably have messed up his simple order.

  3. Megan...your so cute! I'm thrilled that this made your 2011' and I'm thrilled that you survived getting hit by that bus!!! I thought of 'An Affair To Remember' instantly although I don't know if you were looking up or not. It is nice to have something like a big scar to make up stories about...your kind of lucky there. ;)
    I've not been to Boat Street yet but I googled it and it *looks* and sounds fabulous...thanks for the tip!

    okay - do you dare tell who the commercials were for...I won't tell anybody...promise!
    (the Abbey Carpets song is stuck in my head now - thank you very much!)

    It was so fun learning all these tidbits about you!
    Wishing you sunny surfing thoughts...and an extremely wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Jessica~

  4. Megan I remember all those times, wow we have been friends for a long time, thank goodness we are still alive.....Congrats Blog mama

  5. Thanks Ladies!

    Truth is that I think I may have screwed up Hanks order (iced mocha), I was totally nervous & gabbing on the phone with my girl friend (maybe Erin Sager)!

    Jessica- It was the Wm. Dierickx Co. Shhhhh!

    Erin - Thank goodness we made it, love ya sweetie!