Friday, January 14, 2011

A little slice of heaven.....

While the rest of the country is experiencing horrendous weather like this,
google image

I'm, here....

Thank you God!
 By the time I fly home tuesday, my vitimin D levels should be almost back to normal.  
Stay warm.



  1. i am so happy for you... carole told me she had something you brought in before christmas...she is going to bring it in this week... can't wait!
    a jar of pickles???? yummy....

    happiest new year to you sweetie... xoxo

  2. High 70's, low 80's.... No kids... :) I see some serious pool time in my near future.

    I dropped off a "seasonal" item and since you were out of town I told Carol to enjoy it for Christmas. By now it's probably a little dry( although mines still on my front door). I'd love to get a walk in one of these days.....
    Happy New Year Pam!

  3. I've been thinkng quite a bit about vitamin D lately...hope your new supply lasts until spring! ;)

  4. jealous, hope your having a wonderful time

  5. Hi Erin, I had a great time. Just me and my dad, Cathy drove over from LA one day.
    I'm back now and let me tell ya, it's gunna to take me awhile to get back up to speed. Smooches.