Friday, January 21, 2011

Got home from Palm Desert Tuesday morning.  What a great break!  I let myself slow down enough to enjoy the peace and quiet.  I got to take lots of pictures and I read, I stayed up late and slept in. I relaxed in the sun and did a little shopping. 

*NOT at stores like these!

I was taken to amazing dinners every night and served breakfasts like this, regularly. 

I got to see a dear old friend and catch up with her (after almost 10 years)!  

But the best of all, was getting to spend time with this amazing man, also known as.....


He's one of the funniest, most handsome, sweetest men around 
& if you can't tell... 
I adore him!   

Anyway, I've been back in Seattle almost 3 full days and I'm telling you, I'm moving a little slow!  Part of me must not want to admit I'm home because I still haven't unpacked, seriously!  
Truth is, I missed my family and I couldn't wait to see all of them.  My kiddos were pretty happy to see me too,  I know this because they waited almost 5 whole minutes before starting in on the bickering.   I came home to a clean house, a clean car, clean kids and lots of hugs.  Now come on, what more could a girl ask for? 

Happy Weekend!
Thanks for checking in.




  1. Hi Megan,
    coming home is (almost) the best part of a journey! ;) How can we be missed, if we`re never far away? The photo of your dad & you is so warm-hearting....have a wonderful weekend!
    Many greetings from a snowwhite, sun shiny germany! Beate :) XX

  2. Beate,
    I would have to agree with you! The best part of vacation is coming home. Hope you're staying warm in snowy Germany.

    Many greetings from rainy, grey Seattle.