Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An amazing day!

It all started last night with an incredible dinner thrown for me by some of my dearest girlfriends.

This morning coffee and breakfast delivered to me in my favorite chair.
The three most beautiful handmade cards I've ever seen, 
all of which made me cry.
A big stack of new magazines, ready for me to thumb through.

& tonight.....
Sky High!!!!

You guessed it...37 and counting!

I had the best birthday ever!

It's true what they say about ageing, 
things just keep getting better....




  1. Happy Birthday....I remember was a very good year.

  2. HAPPY belated birthday Megan ... sounds like you had a very special day ... it was great seeing last weekend at Mela's house ... hope to see you soon. Dawn

  3. Thank you Dawn, it was awesome.

    Loved seeing you too!

    I ran right home after your show last weekend and made myslef a birthday present.... a pennant banner:) Thanks for all your helpful hints.

    You have such a great eye and your findz are beautiful, as are you!!!

    PS. I love my new money bag pillow.

  4. Now that's the way to do a birthday!!!

    Happy wishes Megan for the next year of your beautiful life! xo J~

  5. Thank you so much!
    Hope you're staying cool.....


  6. Happy Birthday (a little late) to one Leo from another!

    Looks like your day was great!


  7. Lady love, I just spent 1/2 an hour looking at all your beauty...It made me cry, not sure why maybe because I have the same loves as you wish we lived closer so we could swap ideas, our blog is just about our adoption journey since it was such a long one, but I will be a following yours, love it.....

  8. Dear Er Bear, thank you for your sweet, kind words. So happy to find you here!
    I am so inspired by all these amazingly creative, passionate bloggers. No surprise you're one of them! I discovered blogging last year (durning my recovery from back surgery). I'm off to check out your blog and your amazing journey toward motherhood (tissus requiered, I'm sure).
    Ps. How did you find my blog??? I thought I was still in the blog closet....