Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Easy No Sew Burlap Pillow "how to"......

Hi guys,  
I can't believe summer's almost over, school starts again next tuesday!!!
If any of you are looking for a quickie craft fix before school starts, here's a little something you might like.

Over the 4th of July I made a super easy pillow that required no sewing.  Since then, I've had several friends ask me how to make one.  
It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.  Go to your local feed store and fork up half a dollar for a "lumbar size" burlap feed sac.

2.  Stuff it with pillow stuffing.

3.  Cut 3 holes for ribbon to go through on the open side, push ribbon through the holes tying ends into a bows.

If you're feeling a little "wordy" you can get some fabric paint and stamp or paint on some words, or numbers or whatever, as I did below.  I think your house address would be cool too!
*** Make sure you do this part before you fill it with stuffing.

Enjoy your last days of summer...I know I will!!!!!



  1. seriously megan. that is SO cute!!! love it!

  2. love burlap Megs, just made a wreath out of it a couple months ago....I found your blog by your sisters post, she was admiring your talent, as I am. I love the blog world, I actually have met so many friends through the blog world in the Portland area, who would of thought, do not be a in the closet about your blog, you are one talented lady, so happy to have found it....Love Erin

  3. I'm loving this project because of how easy it looks to make! I might have to whip me up one! Now if only I knew where the feed store was!

  4. Love this idea, its quick and easy. And the result is great.

  5. Thanks ladies. If any of you give it a go, I'd love to see your pics!
    Happy weekend!


  6. Since sewing and me don't get along very well (I've tried, believe me), this is just perfect! Your pillow is wonderful and I can't wait to try it...love the wording you did also!


  7. Thanks! It's a cake walk, I promise.
    Can't wait to see it!

  8. Would love to do one of these and I am a western Washington and have no idea where I would get a burlap feed sack or what a feed store is.. Where does one look for one? Thanks so much! Love Hood Canal!

  9. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.
    As for the feed sacks, I got mine at "The Grange" in Issaquah. I'm pretty sure they still have them there. I'd love to see your pillow when you finish it. Good luck!