Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

In case you're wondering.....

I've been out of town enjoying spring break with my family.  
lots of swimming, sunning, golfing,shopping and of course EATING(back to the gym asap)!

No internet access is why I've been so checked out of blog land lately.  We're back now to the bump and grind... setting alarms, making lunches, doing homework, catching school busses tomorrow(I hope)etc. etc. etc.

Just wanted to wish you all a very blessed Easter! 


PS.  We missed the earthquake in Cali by a day, Phew!  


  1. Your vacation spot looks glorious! Getting back into the grind is always hard after a trip, hope they made the bus!

    So glad you missed the quake!

  2. Welcome back to Life! Aren't vacations great! Nice to unplug and recharge. I talked to Shannon & Dean yesterday at church! They say, "Megan is awesome!" :-)
    Have a great week. ~Donna

  3. oh to spend a sunny vacation! Sounds wonderful! And I guess I'm still going to pop in from time to time!