Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clutter buster craft room!

I've been inspired by all the craft room ideas i've seen floating around blogland lately.

I decided to get going on organizing my own crafty space.

It still needs some work but it's come a long way! 
Now that it's organized (mostly) it'll be so much easier to find my supplies. 

Remember the old Pepsi crate I use for my advent calendar at Christmas?  

Well, it's perfect for holding all my stamps.

I found this at City Peoples a few years back,I'd been using it for my CD's.

Now it's my tape, glue, ink pad, glitter, ribbon, etc. etc. etc. storage.

The best part is that the shelving and boxes are from Ikea, WAY cheep!  I bought it a few years ago and for a fraction more they delivered it and assembled it!

Can't wait to get started!
Craft party, anyone?
Happy St. Patty's day!!!




  1. Oh, I'm so jealous. Its so clean and organized, now I need to go get some work done. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy green day!

  2. completely organized and visually appealing! love it all! great job megan!

  3. Thanks for the thumbs up guys. It feels great to finally get that space straightened up.
    Wish my whole house could be that organized.

    Hope you both had a great St. Patrick's day!

  4. WOW! So wonderful! I am totally impressed. What a neat space to work and and create in!!

    Thanks for the salad dressing recipe!!
    Have a good weekend!


  5. Thanks Beth.
    Hope you enjoy the dressing!
    Can't wait to see your next wine recommendation:)
    Had some La Creme tonight.
    Have a good weekend

  6. great space. i love all the white organizing pieces!
    your dining area from your precious post is gorgeous
    i love that lampshade!

  7. Hey Megan,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love that room you're re-doing. Looks like the perfect crafting spot! I'm so jealous!

    I'm so putting you on my favorite's list now!
    Love the blog!

  8. Love your craft space! It's definitely on my "to~do" list! Enjoyed your blog as well.

  9. Megan, Is Shannon Dierickx your cousin? Or Dean? I've known them both for years. What a small world.
    Happy Easter!

  10. Donna, Dean's my cousin. Way too small a world!
    Happy Easter to you too!

  11. Love it!! I especially like the little crate thingy that you put your stamps in. Super cute and resourceful!