Thursday, April 8, 2010

Retail therapy....

First off, I'm a sucker for a deal...

I'm thinking this might be why I have a garage full of stuff I never use or I'm sick of.  
Time for a garage sale!  Oh, that's another positing(coming up).

Anyway, I came across a few treasures I just couldn't pass up.  

I've been crazy about trophy bowls for the past couple years.  I found these in a little antique store in Bothell a fews weeks ago.  Don't think I paid more than 30 bucks for both of them.

Love this one, it's huge and it's from a local golf club in 1972(a year before I was born). 
It's great for ice and drinks.

This one's smaller. It's from a sailing race in Santa Barbara.


I found this footed truffle dish at a Home Goods store in Palm Desert last week.  
What a steal, $9. 99.

Wish we had a Home Goods here in Washington.  
I love that store.  Problem is that I never have enough room in my suitcase.  

Lastly, I found this little guy for $5.95 at The Alley, ANOTHER store we DON'T have here! 
Does he look a little angry or is it just me?

It's funny how a little retail therapy (on the cheep) brightens up your house and your "tude".

I say when life gives you lemons,
hit a few discount stores;)



  1. Megan,
    I love trophy bowls too! You have some great ones there... The lemons are pretty.
    Your new blog header looks great btw! Great photos.
    You asked about my camera I use a Canon 500D the T1i with the video ability. It came out in May of 2009. I only have a basic knowledge of cameras. My brother is a photographer so you think I would know more.;0

    Have a good weekend. Now I want to go hunting for some finds of my own!!


  2. Thanks Beth. I love photography!
    I'll have to check into your Canon.
    I still don't understand all of the features of my stinkin"Nikon.
    Good luck on hunting for treasures this weekend, have a good one!

  3. Your header is so pretty! I love the trophy bowl. I collect trophy cups. My husband thinks I'm weird but they are fun to put pens and markers in!

  4. Thanks! I'm still feeling my way around with blog design.

    I swear, if I had a dollar for every time my husband rolled his eyes at one of my quirky interests I'd be a rich woman! He's been happy with me lately though, I've laid off the furniture rearranging.
    I loved your post with the chick and the egg, it cracked me up!

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