Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tooth Fairy Visits.....

I'm not sure what it is about kids and their toothless smiles but whatever it is, I think they're pretty stinkin' cute.
My youngest daughter, lost her front tooth at school a few days ago.   She came running off the bus bubbling with excitement, eager to show me her new "window smile."  Thankfully I had my bases covered for the much anticipated visit.

That night, just before bed we made sure that she left her shutter open just a little so the tooth fairy could get in.  I tucked everyone in bed and when they were all asleep, I went to work.

***If you're under the age of 9,  STOP READING NOW!!!***

I was armed with $5 bucks, some glitter and a pink ballet leotard (for her, not me!).  First, I sprinkled glitter on the window sill.  Next, I snagged that pearly white from under the pillow(very carefully) & put the money and leotard on her pillow, under the pillow...WAY to risky.  Lastly, I put a little Aquaphor on her cheek and sprinkled the glitter(aka: fairy dust) over it.  This helps to keep the glitter in place overnight.

There are two potential problems with all this fluff:

1. It's so hard to wait for them to wake up in the morning, the anticipation's a killer.

2. While waiting for her to fall asleep It's easy to fall asleep yourself. Can't tell you how many times I've woken up in a panic to realize that I forgot. Then I had to think of some lame excuse why the TF skipped our house.  
I feel so guilty the next night I usually empty my wallet under their pillow! 

Last night she lost another tooth!  What's with this kid???  That's 2 teeth in 3 days!!!  Unfortunately, I wasn't as prepared this time....  No gift.  
Instead, we made a deal to buy (me) a little more time..."How about you can sleep in my bed tonight & tomorrow the tooth fairy will visit."  Agreed!  

Sweet dreams...

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