Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tartar love...

One of the greatest things about living in the North West is the delicious & fresh seafood we get to eat all year long.  Most of the time my thought on seafood prep is, the fresher the fish the less you need to doctor it up.   But, every now and then I need my "comfort" condiments, like tartar.  We've been grilling Salmon pretty regularly these days and to accompany it I sometimes make a quick & yummy, tartar sauce.  This recipe is my Grandma Katy's and every time I make it for company, I'm asked to "share the love" and fork it over!

...Since there's been no time to host a dinner for my beloved blog buddies, I thought I'd post it for you.  
Heads up, it makes a ton...I usually half it!  




Oops...sorry I didn't get a picture of the finished sauce...The family just had to dig in!!!



  1. I've been on a salmon kick these days. Funny this is I use to hate the stuff and now it seems I can't get enough! I love a good tartar sauce and this sounds fabulous. Wish I could come and join you for some!


  2. Wish you could join me too
    My kids aren't crazy about salmon, I wasn't either as a kid...The only way i can get them to eat it is with this recipe.

  3. Thanks for sharing the 'secret sauce' recipe Megan...I can't wait to make it and I know it'll be a well as gone in two seconds flat!
    Have a great time in Charleston...looking forward to seeing what your lovely photogenic eye sees...such a beautiful area!
    xoxo J~