Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random happiness...

Lots going on lately but somehow I've made the time for photography....
I snapped these recently & they just make me smile... 

Vashon bound bread truck,

My girls on The Washington State ferry,

Hood Canal on a sunny day,

Old water skis,

Hammocks & fresh bread,

Molly catching Jelly fish,

Katie playing in the cove,

Awaiting high tide so they can jump off the deck(like their mama used to do), 

Releasing a butterfly after its chrysalis cycle, 


Have a great week.... with lots of smiles!


  1. Well your post made me smile...greatly, my cheeks are hurting! I actually laughed out loud when I saw the first image...what a fabulous quote!! Looks like you've been hanging out in the 'Hood' lately, and having a wonderful time, despite the lack of sun!
    The bread truck is the pics of your girls...they're so adorable, and love Gracie's sweet face.
    Thanks so much for the smiles...I'll be back for more!
    xoxo J~

  2. Thanks J. Hope all is well in LFP...Love the kids art work in your last post.
    I'm heading to Charleston soon and I plan on taking lots of pictures.