Monday, February 1, 2010

Sew.... what do you think?

     I love this antique stool my mom gave me, mostly because it's from her though.  She gave me it along with a roll top desk when I got engaged.  I treasure both.  That being said, it was time to ditch the butterfly embroidery on the seat (for now anyway).  
Sorry mom.


It took me most of the day but I managed to knock out a little slip cover for the stool.  It's really a beginner job but it freshens it up:)

Thanks for taking a look!



  1. I love the pleats. It goes with the chair in the background. Hey I am in need of a seat cushion for a chair, can you whip one up for me, lol! I am so not a sewer. Before my mother died she gave me a new sewing machine but I am still having a hard time taking it out of the box even though she died in 2002. Maybe one of these days I'll have the courage!


  2. Thanks Meg. Don't look too close, I need to get a few more projects under my belt.

    I'm sad for your loss. I hope you find the courage, when you're ready, to open your sewing machine and when you do you have as much fun as I'm having with it. Keep me posted:)

  3. So fresh looking! Great style!!
    Love your rug too.


  4. You flippin' rock!!! I love it. And oooh...what's that cool black looking trunk thingy in the background?

  5. Thanks.
    I found the trunk at a antique store on Hood Canal,WA. The funny part is that when I bought it and the owner had lost the keys. To this day I have no idea if there's anything inside.