Friday, February 12, 2010

Garden greens planted

After attending the Flower & Garden show I was inspired to get planting my new bed. 

I started by planting a few seeds but that wasn't enough of a fix so I was off to the nursery.

I found several different lettuces, swiss chard, and onions.  Stuck them in the ground and here it is.  

Now lets hope it doesn't freeze or snow.  

Here's a couple more hints that spring's on it's way...


  1. I must say---gardening is something I just can't do! I so wish I could! What a gift you have and that you enjoy it too?! :) It looks gorgeous! I wouldn't know how to even start a project like that!

  2. Thank you Allegra.
    Trust me, it's a lot easier than it looks.
    Keep your fingers crossed and lets see if I can get anything to grow:)

  3. Love your bed and I'm so excited and definitely seeing the signs of Spring her in California. We've had temps in the 80's this week. Can't wait to get started!

    Thank you for your visit and I just adore your lovely blog!


  4. Merci Karyn!
    We're having unusually weird (warm) weather here in Seattle. Not as warm as yours though.
    80's sound like heaven. Have fun in your garden. Hope I get a glimpse of it on your fabulous blog.

    Hugs back!