Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet surprises....

The other night I was being picked up by a friend to go to a Christmas dinner. My little one, Molly(6),was "helping" me get ready and she was playing dress up right along side me, waiting for her usual lipstick and blush application.

The door bell rang, the dog was barking, I was giving last minute instructions to my hubby about homework and bedtimes. In all the commotion I forgot to say "good bye". Within minutes I got a teary phone call from Molly, I felt sooooooo bad. I assured her that when I came home I'd make sure to give her lots of kiss and hugs even though she would be sleeping. That's just what I did!

But the best part of my night was when I went into my room to get ready for bed and I saw my PJ's set out. I looked a little closer and there was a note saying, "ME, MoLLy SEt it OuT". Could she have been any sweeter?


  1. sweet story!

    My chair is from Interiors of edmonds. I have 2 different slipcovers. I got a super cheap deal on the white one (super cheap) because the owner of the store loves me. :) But you can pretty much pick any type of slipcover you want. It's just in downtown edmonds near the movie theater. I don't know how far that is from you. Also, I only use picnik. I'm not that clever with my blog. Just photos of me and my life and then gussied up on picnik. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Megan
    What an adorable story!
    I also loved your Pepsi crate Advent Calendar idea ♥

  3. Thanks guys! I'm sooo much fun blogging and networking with all of you creative women! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Lissa...thanks for the info, I'll have to drive up to edmonds one of these days.