Tuesday, December 8, 2009

advent calendar.....

Every year on November 30th it hits me, "Oh no! Tomorrow it's Dec 1st". So I sit down and write 24 bible verses, questions, or short story's that have to do with the true meaning of Christmas. Then, I roll each one into a small scroll, tie it with a ribbon and I place them in an antique wooden Pepsi crate(exactly 24 slots)that my mom gave me.

Each night before bed, in front of the tree, the kids alternate taking turns reading one of the notes. They LOVE it because it prolongs bed time and allows for a few extra minutes of snuggling. It's fun for my husband and I because it encourages conversation and reminds us all that Christmas is so much more than just receiving gifts.


  1. you are very clever~ I love this idea! I may think about starting this even though it's late!

  2. Yaeh, you will love it! My mom was the one who came up with the idea, years ago. I decided the notes were better than candy.
    I added another note last night that reads, "you have 2 minutes to get your shoes and coats on and get in the car. We're going to look at christmas lights!" They haven't got to this one yet but when they do they're going to be so excited.

  3. that is definately my favorite idea for an advent calender!!!!
    a pepsi create? perfect!
    & i REALLY love how you set teh crown & greenery atop....love!!