Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pillow talk????

I love projects and crafting, the problem is so many times I spend to much money and time on them and I don't end up liking the end product. The pillow I just finished may be another example of this!

I bought some vintage ticking on ebay, some clean, crisp, white linen and a sewing lesson(by this time I totally could have bought the original pillow I wanted). With a few goals in mind, like learning to do ruffles, button holes and putting in a zipper, we set off to create a work of art!
The teacher had some ideas of her own and well, needless to say, the "vision" and the outcome were 2 totally different things. Note to self: less is ALWAYS more, !!!

My next project is to try to paint my kitchen table white. Ideas or tips gladly accepted!

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