Monday, November 23, 2009

The BIG reveal!!!

Well here's the table that I've been working on over the past couple weeks. It took me awhile but it's finally complete! Thanks to some pointers from Lori @ Paint, decorate, design on the cheep and Lisa @ Humble pie .

Do I dare ask which one you like best??? Before or After, TRUTH! I hope you'll let me know, this could be the beginning of many future painting projects!



It's the first time that I've actually followed ALL the steps. The hardest part was waiting between coats of primer/paint/or the protective finish to dry. In case anyone wants to start a "little"painting project I'm listing the steps below.

1. sand
2. wipe down
3. prime
4. lightly sand again
5. wipe down again
6. apply (2 coats) of paint
7. paint a polycrilic protective finish.

Here's my latest holiday creation!



  1. okay! so i'm scrolling down and looking at your beautiful home... I LOVE it! I love how you put your wreath over that thingy. I love how your table turned out! When am i coming over! :)

  2. So perfect! I never follow the steps, either. I'm sure it does make a big difference. Also - I am in LOVE with your pendant lights! Is that burlap I spy??

  3. Thanks a million, what nice things to hear.
    Come on over any time;) Do I hear a craft party calling?

    I made the light out of an old metal lamp shade that I bought at a flea market and a cheep pendant light from home depot. And yes, it's burlap. I just used craft paper to trace a pattern. Used a little glue and some sewing here and there. It's pretty simple. Can't beat the the cost too! If your interested I can get you more specifics.
    The wreaths were super easy too but my hands were a little shredded after making a few.
    Thanks again!