Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th...

Aloha from Hawaii!  Hope you all had a wonderful & safe holiday!



  1. South Carolina, Hawaii? Okay now you are just showing off. What's next; Jersey?! hehehe

    Hope your 4th was a celebration to remember.


  2. Dear Megan,
    it`s been quite a while since I was writing you, Megan....in the meanwhile I was on vacation myself (Brugge in Belgium and the belgian coastline) and after coming home I had a *granny blanket* project to do for a german magazine....work, work, work and no time for blogging and other nice things! :)

    But...wow!...you`re in Hawaii at the moment? How nice is that!!!! I`ve been on three islands during my honey moon for 3 weeks (but this is hundreds of years ago..... ;))
    I remember it was the most wonderful vacation I ever did...love these islands and I also remember the feeling when I was on one of these breathtaking beaches, the sun was slowly going down and I thought by myself:....wow...how far are you away from home? You`re on the other side of the earth! :)

    And dear Megan, I loved to see your beautiful pictures with your sweet family in Charleston!I could watch more images of your holidays..... My daughter and I would love to see the southern states and visit them one day like New Orleans (I think it`s still not the same as before after catrina), Lousiana and South Carolina.

    Have a wonderful summer time!
    Beate :) XXX

  3. Hi Debora- I know..We've been traveling wilburys! Sun Valley next...Makes me wonder why I'm leaving Seattle when It's the nicest weather we've had all year!!! Hope you're having a great summer.

  4. Hello Beate-
    It's been way to long! Sounds like your summer's going great, Belgium huh?!? My ancestors were from Belgium and one day I hope I'll make it there. Hawaii was beautiful, I'll be posting more pics soon. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the family pic's in South Carolina. That area is amazing, hope you and your daughter can make your way there someday. Take care and have a fabulous summer!

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