Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A afternoon in pictures...

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle, it's the first one  in a long time.  Sunshine always lifts my spirits and makes me so much more productive.

After I got the kids off to school,
 I took Gracie for a nice hike through our favorite park.

I cleaned out my window boxes and prepped them for planting,

I planted some lettuce and herbs in my vintage baby bath,

I made a delicious salad, and ate every last bite thankyouverymuch, 
Beet, and feta salad with sunflower seeds & a splash of champaign vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

I gathered eggs and let the "girls" out in hopes of keeping the bug population under control, 

a little more gardening,

a few more random pictures,

I thought about taking one of these, 

after drinking one of these,

while sitting here,

but I didn't.

Hope you had a sunny day where ever you were.



  1. Wonderful snap shots as ever, Megan! :)
    It invites the reader to your lovely surrounding and sweet home....so nice to see.
    Thank you for sharing the afternoon with you!
    The salad looks so delicious and I used to love garden work very much, but unfortunately we just have a balcony at the moment. So my kind of *gardening* is limited....*sigh*
    Happy Easter time, Megan without egg decoration this year! ;)
    Beate XXX

  2. Gracie and the girls look like they enjoy very happy lives. The salad looks delish, and your photos are wonderful eye candy.
    It is still too cold here in Michigan to start gardening, can't wait 'till getting starters going inside. Only a couple more weeks. Your vintage baby bath is something else! Perfect for your lettuce and herbs.
    Take care,
    Valerie jean

  3. It was a glorious day here - wasn't it?! The sun really lifted my spirits!! I LOVE your vintage baby bath - so sweet.

  4. i'm loving those picture! your dog is adorable :D and the salad you made absolutely looks yummy! keep posting! :)

  5. You, Gracie and the 'girls' certainly took full advantage of all the long awaited warmth and brightness, what a perfect day! Love the baby tub filled with all the 'babies', that yummy salad...and I wish my maiden hair fern looked as happy as yours, it's so lush! Maybe next time the glass & nap will be able to join the day!
    Left you my contact info. in the last post... :)
    xo J~

  6. looks like a heavenly day to me... and wishing you a joyous easter weekend sweet friend... xoxo

  7. oh ma ga...that is the PERFECT day!! Seattle just sounds so darned romantic to me.

  8. fun post & sounds like the perfect day.
    i love your herb tub of goodness!
    & what type of plant is that? is that a little fern of some type?
    i love seeing pics of gracie!

  9. It was a perfect Seattle day! Hoping for warm weather in the near future. I'm getting so stinking tired of this rain!
    Thanks for checking in:)

    Paige- the fern is called a Maiden hair fern......

    Have a great day!