Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Church on the Hill....

I was at the prettiest little church over on Queen Anne this weekend for a family wedding.  
Having lived in Seattle my whole life, I thought I've been to every church there is.  
But no, this beauty is amazing!  
I love the old fixtures and moldings, the doors and the light paint.  

 I think I took more shots of the architecture than the bride and groom:(

I did get this shot at the reception with the bride, my mom(far right) and her sisters(the funnest & craziest Aunties on earth) all wearing t-shirts that my aunt Sandy had made, 
"Beware of the Aunties!"

Happy hump day!


  1. Love it Megs, your mom looks great, I love that smile of hers.....

  2. Hi Er-bear!
    Doesn't she! The past few years she's been through so much with her health issues. One thing she's never lost is that infectious smile.
    You'll have to come for a visit to the canal over summer....