Sunday, October 3, 2010

One last taste of Summer....




  1. I'm going to miss summer! It's my most favorite season!

    great to see you last week!

  2. Hey Lissa,

    I'm going to miss it too.
    thanks for stopping by.

    At least today's going to be a beautiful fall day.

    So nice seeing you & your beautiful smile at the BH event!


  3. How I wish I liked oysters...

    You captured our end of summer perfectly and beautifully! Love how much fun the girls are having.

    Happy Fall...
    xo J~

  4. Hi J-
    Thank you:)
    I'm not the biggest oyster fan either, 1 or 2 tops(with lots of hot sauce and an ice cold beer to wash them down).

    Happy Fall to you and your family.

    I really need to try the lemon pasta you posted about. It sounds so yummy!!!

  5. The lemon pasta is yummy won't be disappointed!:d

    Maybe I should try oysters your way...sounds pretty good, although they always 'sound' good...that's the problem! xo

  6. i am all over the oysters... and the (homemade dill pickles?? - you can bring a jar to red ticking if you would like!!!!) i love pickles!
    but i have to say... my favorite, the carrot with the worn nail polish...
    it stopped my heart for a second... precious.


  7. Hey Pam! Thanks.
    I love that pic too. She's turning 7 on Tuesday. I think it's pics like that one that will always stop my heart....How fast they grow(almost as fast as my veggies).
    I have a jar of pickles with your name on it!
    I'll be in soon. I'm way over due for a visit.
    see you soon