Friday, June 4, 2010

garden preview.....

Dreaming of sunshine....



  1. i think your dream has come true... have a wonderful day friend xx pam

  2. Amazing day yesturday, huh! Had to pinch myself.
    Hope you had time to get out and enjoy it.

    Rude awakinging this morning though....

    I came across your Cottage Living spread last night when I was attempting to organize and get rid of my old magazines. If I've said it once I've said a million times...You are so increadably gifted!!!

    PS. Had to trim the lash extentions, it felt like i had butterflys on my eyelids!!!!

  3. ohhh i loved the butterflies.... but i am sure they are still beautiful... cushions on the dock for this week... will keep you posted! xx

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures! These would almost be fun framed in the kitchen!

    Ok, you won! Your injury sure trumped mine! I had no hand holding as you could see and you were lucky enough to have a hottie fireman! I sure hope you got a photo!

  5. Hi Megan...saw your comment on Red Ticking & had to say hi since your a local gal! I live across the pond ;) in Lake Forest Park.
    Your blog is wonderful...beautiful photos and love the chicken coop!

    We have SUN this am! How great is that!?!
    xo Jessica

  6. Hi Jessica. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! I'm off to check yours out next.

    I have a good friend who lives in LFP, her kids go to Brookside(I think). Love that part of town!
    Just far enough out of Seattle to feel things slow down a bit and not so far that people are picking' their teeth with straw!

    Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today.
    Time for me to post some pictures of our first day of summer break!

  7. Megan, so funny...I teach at Brookside, as well as a few other places, I'm a traveling art teacher. I love LFP too...15 minutes and your just about anywhere (minus traffic). What's your friends kids names (that's a mouthful)? I might know them...I teach K-1 with a few 2nd graders thrown in.
    And I have to tell you, your "picking" comment cracked me up!

    The sun today was perfect! Hope it stays and proves the weather people wrong!

    Thanks for visiting me at 24 and have a great weekend, looking forward to seeing your pictures! J~

  8. Funny! Kids names are Nora & Anders.

    Sounds like a dream job! I love art too. Thinking of going back to school so I can teach.

    What happened to our great weather???? Oh well, guess I need to get caught up from all of yesturday's slacking!


  9. Bummer...don't know the kids...and I would remember those names, love them! It is a dream job, I can't believe this is what I do sometimes.

    Very cool about you going back to school to teach. From the looks of your happy kids faces, I'd say you have a way with the little guys and would make a great teacher!

    I'm layered up today...scarf & all...crazy! Been catching up around here also but now I'm heading out...U-Village is calling my name, sun or no sun! :)