Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Church on the Hill....

I was at the prettiest little church over on Queen Anne this weekend for a family wedding.  
Having lived in Seattle my whole life, I thought I've been to every church there is.  
But no, this beauty is amazing!  
I love the old fixtures and moldings, the doors and the light paint.  

 I think I took more shots of the architecture than the bride and groom:(

I did get this shot at the reception with the bride, my mom(far right) and her sisters(the funnest & craziest Aunties on earth) all wearing t-shirts that my aunt Sandy had made, 
"Beware of the Aunties!"

Happy hump day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

God = Love

Ever have one of those mornings? 

Rushing to get the kids fed, to the bus on time, sac lunches made?

There was fighting, yelling and crying, all before 9 AM!

It was day 4 of my husbands 4 day business trip.  I was tired, sick, and cranky.

Not my best parenting moment, I assure you.

breakfast was eaten, 
lunches were packed 
we made it to the bus on time 
But, my heart was heavy.

After my shower, while I was getting ready,

I glanced down to see this beautiful message.....   

One of my girls, no doubt, left this for me.

A simple, unspoken message that made my day 
& lightened heart. 

Hope your day is filled with many wonderful surprises!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old School...

Still kicking myself I didn't buy this at the last garage sale I was at....

Happy hump day...